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Wipe Once Quick Dry Towel 50x100cm | Microfibre Towels (x25)

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Say goodbye to the old chamois for good with the Wipe Once Microfibre Quick Dry Towel. This quick, super absorbent towel will make drying your vehicle a breeze and because it reduces drying time, it will make washing your car, boat, bike or RV no longer feel like a chore. By using high-quality materials that have a high absorbency rate, we are able to produce a towel that is not too large and unmanageable or too small that you have to wring the towel out multiple times. The Wipe Once Quick Dry Towel will not scratch and will last for hundreds of washes.
  • ULTIMATE QUICK DRY TOWELS for your car. When you're done washing your car, you want to wipe once and be done! So we designed the most absorbent 1000 GSM microfiber cloth for drying your car. One towel is all you need. Take it with you to the wash and leave happy
  • NO MORE WATER SPOTS with our large 40" x 20" car drying towel. Our fast drying towels are the perfect microfiber cleaners for detailing glass and windows. Premium Twist Loop Pile specially designed to increase absorbency rate
  • PREMIUM QUALITY microfiber drying towels are lint-free and scratch free and will last for years of washes. You'll love how you can easily and quickly dry your entire car with just one of our extra large microfiber towels. The only car washing microfiber towels you need!
  • CUT YOUR DRYING TIME IN HALF unless you like spending hours polishing with a washcloth and wax, get that supreme shine with the wipe once quick dry car wash cloth. You'll enjoy cleaning with our incredible car cleaning cloth made of premium quality microfiber material
  • THE BEST GIFTS FOR CAR GUYS & automotive enthusiasts who appreciate a shiny car inside and out. The wipe once shammy towel for car comes in a travel tube, can be hung to dry using the integrated loop, and is multi purpose for use as a microfiber camping towel or dust cloths for buffing or wiping any surface clean


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Product Information

Size: 50cm x 100cm Color: Blue with Black Suede Edge Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide Material Weight: 1000 GSM (Grams per Square Metre) Material: 100% Twist Loop Microfibre Country of Origin: China

Care Instructions:

Microfibre cloths are machine washable.  Wash with a mild liquid detergent free of bleach and fabric softeners. Wash separate from linting material such as cotton, suggest washing on its own. We recommend NOT to use Chlorine Bleach as this prematurely “breaks down” the fibres and Reduces/Eliminates the valuable dust & dirt collecting properties of the microfibre. Avoid fabric softeners as it clogs the fibres. Tumble dry on low heat only.

Additional Information:

Lint-Free / Non-Abrasive Use damp for general cleaning, Wet for heavily soiled cleaning, and dry for dusting Absorbs up to 10 times its weight in moisture Effective cleaning solution to remove dust and dirt without using chemicals Ability to undergo hundreds of washes, providing the cloth has not been mistreated.