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Where can I find Commerical Quality Microfibre Cloths?

We are a direct importer and wholesaler of commercial quality microfibre cleaning cloths. We aim to supply top-quality microfiber cleaning cloths and car drying towels at wholesale rates. As direct importers from South Korea and China, we uphold strict quality standards to ensure excellence in every product.

Our website specialises in bulk orders of microfiber cloths, including car drying towels, microfiber towels, and versatile cleaning cloths suitable for commercial cleaning and car detailing. Explore our color-coded options for easy organization and discover our lint-free, scratch-free polyester-polyamide blends designed for optimal performance. Trust Microfibre World for unbeatable value and reliability in every cloth.

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Looking where to buy wholesale Microfibre Cloth?

Discover top-quality lint-free and non-scratch microfiber cloths in bulk directly from the wholesaler and enjoy significant savings. Microfibre World, now situated in Brisbane, offers daily shipping across Australia. Explore our expanded selection of microfiber cloths, boasting one of the widest ranges available in the country.

Our bulk microfiber cloths are meticulously crafted to deliver superior cleaning performance, ideal for various industries including automotive, hospitality, commercial cleaning services, and more. Reduce your reliance on chemicals and save time with our lint-free and non-scratch microfiber towels, perfect for tasks like car detailing and drying. Whether you're in need of lint-free microfiber cloths for commercial cleaning or non-scratch car drying towels, Microfibre World has you covered.

What is the best Multipurpose Microfibre Cleaning Cloth?

Our Multipurpose Microfibre cleaning cloths are one of the most environmentally friendly cleaning aids on the market by providing chemical free cleaning with a minimum of fuss and bother. With a little hot water you will find most dirt and grim is easily removed. Due to it’s composition of polyester and polyamide it cannot scratch the surface like cotton does. The secret of microfiber is in the knitting of the fabric and the spiting of each fibre into thousands of smaller fibres.

When dirt and grim come in contact with microfibre it is trapped within these thousands of fibres. This effect is why most professional cleaners prefer microfibre to cheaper cotton cloths. The end result is no transfer of dust and dirt to another surface as the unwanted partials bond to the microfibre and are released with a good rinsing or washing.

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