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Microfibre Wash

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Microfibre Wash 

Introducing our very own "Microfibre Wash" a specialty detergent that cleans, restores softness and absorbency to microfibre cloths, towel and products. Designed to bring microfibres back to life our microfibre wash formula works to remove polish, wax, dirt, grease and stains all whilst leaving the microfibre feeling and smelling fresh. This versatile wash can be used to wash microfibre cloths and towel by hand or machine. Do not use this product to clean buffing pads otherwise delaminating may occur.

Our Microfibre wash is better than your common household detergent because most detergents and laundry soaps have some form of bleach and fabric softener included in their formulas. Eventually bleach and softening products deteriorates microfibres and obstructs the fibres from effectively lifting and trapping dirt.

Instructions for use

Compatible for top and front loading washing machines 

  1. Microfibre products must be washed separately to to all other towels, cloths and clothes.
  2. Wash microfibres on warm wash cycle with no other fabric softeners chemicals or detergents. 
  3. Use 20ml - 20ml for a smaller load 
  4. Use 40ml - 100ml for a larger load 
  5. For heaver soiled cloths it is recommended to rub a small amount of detergent directly on the stain before soaking the microfibres for an hour in 20ml of solution with at least 2 litres of warm water. This will help agitate any stains and or odours prior to putting them into a washing machine for a regular wash. 


After washing it is recommended to tumble dry on a low to medium heat only. do not use dryer sheets or dryer balls and always ensure lint trap is cleaned prior and after use. 



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