What is GSM for Microfibre Cloths?

What is GSM for Microfibre Cloths?

A quality microfibre cloth can hold up to seven times its weight in liquid. The amount of liquid that a cloth can absorb is determined by the weight of the cloth. There is a second factor to absorbency and that is ‚Äúabsorbency rate‚ÄĚ and this is determined by the quality and amount of polyamide used in the cloth. Both are important factors when it comes to choosing a microfibre cloth.

The weight of a cloth is referred to as the grams per square metre or (GSM).

Microfibre cloths come in different sizes and weights. A microfibre cloth with a higher GSM weighs more than a cloth with a lower GSM. The cloth with higher GSM is typically thicker, but not in the case of waffle weave which has a flat, thick, heavy construction. So it makes sense that a heavier cloth will absorb more liquid than lighter cloths. 

But being thicker and heavier might not necessarily be the best cleaning option, a lighter weighted cloth can be easier to control and may get into tighter spaces. It is general practice to fold a microfibre cloth in quarters, so a heavier weighted cloth may not be as easy to control. 

Most common GSM cloth being sold in the Australian market are:

  • Terry Cloth: 200-380GSM
  • Waffle Cloth: 300-450GSM
  • Suede Cloth: 150-200GSM
  • Glass Cloth:200-320GSM
  • Coral Fleece Cloth: 300-1000GSM
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