Commercial Cleaning Microfibre

Our knitted cloths are ideal for all commercial cleaning applications. They provide the perfect balance between quality, reliability and value for money.

  • Weight ‚Äď Our cloth range from a minimum 250 GSM up to 1100gsm in the plush range
  • Size ‚Äď wide range of
  • Minimum washes ‚Äď approximately 200 +
  • Blend ‚Äď 70% polyester, 30% polyamide for Korean range and 80% polyester 20% polyamide for other ranges

Available in many colours for all your cleaning applications

We suggest colour coding to stop cross contamination

  • Blue ‚Äď General cleaning
  • Red ‚Äď Toilets
  • Yellow ‚Äď Bio hazardous areas
  • Green ‚Äď Food Preparation areas
  • Pink ‚Äď Bathroom (excluding Toilets)