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Large Waffle Woven Microfibre Cloths (x100)

Large Waffle Woven Microfibre Cloths (x100)

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Large Waffle Microfibre Cloths

These woven waffle microfibre cloths are massive a 54cm x 72cm and are perfect for removing large amounts of water from any surface, microfibre absorbs up to 7 times it’s weight. Our large woven cloths are ideal for all heavier cleaning applications The additional strength woven into these cloths are ideal for any glass or window cleaning and are great to be used as tea towels.  

These cloths have the ability to be custom branded with your own logo, design or trademark. Please see our custom branding section for more information and reach out to our team today for a quote. 

Size: 54cm x 72cm

Colours: Blue, Black, Light Blue, Grey, White

Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

Material Weight: 380 GSM (Grams per Square Metre)

Material: 100% Microfibre

Country of Origin: China


Microfibre cloths are machine washable.  Wash with a mild liquid detergent free of bleach and fabric softeners. Wash separate from linting material such as cotton, suggest washing on its own. We recommend NOT to use Chlorine Bleach as this prematurely “breaks down” the fibres and Reduces/Eliminates the valuable dust & dirt collecting properties of the microfibre. Avoid fabric softeners as it clogs the fibres. Tumble dry on low heat only.


  • Lint-Free / Non-Abrasive.
  • Use damp for general cleaning, Wet for heavily soiled cleaning, and dry for dusting.
  • Absorbs up to 7 times its weight in moisture.
  • Fast absorbency rate.
  • Effective Green Cleaning Solution to remove dust and dirt without using chemicals.
  • Ability to undergo hundreds of washes, providing the cloth has not been mistreated.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sandra Henderson
Very good product & good value

Very good product & good value

Vanessa Thompson
Highly recommend

Great cloths, polish glass and dry dishes to sparkling, dry quickly so can use again in a busy hospitality environment. The large is a great size.

Great value for money

Have had them for a while now and they make great tea towels.

Streak free Cleaning.

Streak free cleaning perfect for mirrors, glasses or Screens.

Fantastic value, great quality - just placed my 3rd order now

After 1 year of usage of my first pack, with an additional order half a year later, these cloths are fantastic for scratch free cleaning of my glasses, monitors and just about anything - kitchen benches, cars, spills of any kind, etc. Highly versatile, would recommend getting 1 or 2 of these as it's great to have a good number in ready supply.I've been very impressed with the quality; at the price point they're great value yet don't feel cheap. The first two packs were blue, and I just placed a third order now switching to green.They come simply packaged in a single medium-large plastic bag which makes it easy to keep the brand new ones in ready supply. Given the large number of cloths included, that's a big kudos for minimizing environmental waste (vs individually wrapped/lower quantity orders).Due to my expensive and precious eyeglass lenses being scratch magnets I will use a brand new one on them first, before moving it on to other use later. This has helped increase the life of my glasses.For cleaning I just chuck them in the washing machine with the normal wash (I don't use softener) - sometimes in the dryer if I don't pick them out when transferring, and they usually come out great in any case, not attracting any lint that I can notice.