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Tear Away Microfibre Roll


Tear Away Microfibre Roll

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Microfibre On A Roll

Introducing our Tear Away Microfibre Roll of 30. It's designed for those on the move, offering quick, hassle-free cleaning anytime, anywhere. Fit's perfectly on a paper towel holder. 

  • Easy Tear-Away Sheets:¬†The roll contains 30 sheets that tear off effortlessly, ensuring you always have a clean, lint-free cloth ready for action.

  • Reusable:¬†These microfibre sheets are washable and eco-friendly, making them a cost-effective, environmentally conscious choice.

  • Streak-Free Cleaning:¬†Microfibre's superior cleaning ability leaves surfaces spotless and free of streaks.

  • Two Colours:¬†Available in classic blue and white to suit your preference or cleaning needs.

  • Versatile:¬†Ideal for cleaning spills, smudges, and a wide range of surfaces, from the kitchen to electronics.

Upgrade your cleaning game with our Tear Away Microfibre Roll of 30. It's compact, efficient, and the perfect solution for keeping things clean, whether at home or on the go. Choose convenience and quality - grab yours today!

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Customer Reviews

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william mccormack
Microfibre Tear Away Rolls (30x30cm)

The rolls are worth every penny, but are not really for auto use.
good product never the less.
Delivered on time. Well done.

Hi William, Thank you so much for taking the time to review our tear away rolls. So glad to hear they are working well for you and that the delivery was swift!


Best thing since paper towel

jacinta. l

These rolls are fantastic. It's like a paper towel roll only better because you can just chuck the cloths in the wash and use them over and over.